inxi :: usage and IRC client information

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Page Updated: 2022-10-19

Running inxi commands

inxi -<color> -<option> 

Ie, this command:

inxi -c4 -I

will change to color option 4 and show the inxi Information line.

See inxi options list for full list and explanation of available options. Always refer to an actual current inxi for latest options since these wiki pages only get updated now and then.


IRC client usage

Here are specific IRC client instructions for inxi use.


For native internal command call:

and you'll see the expected output.

Note: there was a long standing bug in inxi which made it not work in Konversation in at least qt 5. That bug was finally found and fixed in inxi 3.3.23.



Quassel: inxi ships as a built in script with Quassel, so you should just be able to run the standard builtin command to run an internal script. However, note that they tend to not update their version very often, so you are better off changing their inxi file version with a symbolic link to your real inxi version.



/exec -o inxi -<options>

The -o option show output to the channel. Without it, only the user will see the output.


irssi and most other clients.

/exec -o inxi -<options>


/exec -o inxi -dn



For Debian users, installing weechat also installs the weechat-plugins. Check with your distro for similar package before attempting below please.

For weechat to run external scripts like inxi, you have to install, if you don't already have it. To read how to install click here

Then to run inxi, you would enter a command like this:

/shell -o inxi -bx

If you leave off the -o, only you will see the output on your local weechat.

weechat users may also want to check out

Weechat Extra Information

Easy way to install

In a web browser, Click on the download button at weechat

Make the script executable by:



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