inxi :: programming conventions

Page Version: 1.0
Page Updated: 2015-08-24/pointer to updated page: 2020-11-21

This page is obsolete, it was about pre Perl Bash/Gawk inxi 2.x, not the 3.x Perl version!!

For an updated version, check out inxi core philosophy/programming concepts instead. While mostly about why inxi internally looks, acts, and works the way it does, that should be fairly useful for potential contributors. The actual programming conventions should be quite obvous once you open the file and look at it.

If you would like to submit patches for inxi, read and understand these conventions. Patches not following these rules will be ignored.

As with all 'rules' there are exceptions, these are noted where used.

Basic Formatting and Structural Rules


Variables and Function Naming:


Special Notes: