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NOTE: All references in the following links to either Cathbard repositories or googlecode as installation sources are obsolete. These resources no longer exist. Unit 193 repositories are valid, and all github urls are valid. Most distro repository or distro installation directions are also probably valid as well, though those change, so always check with your distro to make sure. The smxi.org/inxi shortcut url is always valid as well because if the repo url changes, that redirect is simply changed to point to the new location.

Information about inxi

inxi is a fork of infobash 3.02, the bash sys info script by locsmif. That original Gawk/Bash version was rewritten (version ≥ 2.9) in early 2018 to Perl 5.


Videos about inxi

Distro Forum / Support




Reviews and articles about inxi


Distro Packages

Various distribution and package data pages for inxi package. This list is by no means complete, but gives a good sense of the various distros and how often they update inxi versions.


Special Thanks

Special thanks to all those in #lsc and #smxi (irc.oftc.net) for their tireless dedication helping test inxi modules. They were responsible directly the testing and debugging data that made many of the hardest features possible. Also the people over at siduction have provided a lot of valuable time and energy for testing and development of new features.

For the inxi Perl 3.0.0 pre-release beta tests, the members of AntiX Forums provided an absolutely amazing collection of bugs, issues, hardware, operating systems, and variants, that were crucial to get inxi 3.0 ready for release. ArcherSeven and Iotaka also provided further invaluable help and issues for the 3.0 pre-release beta test cycle by providing bug reports on a wide variety of hardware and platforms.