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This is the currently available documentation for the scripts. Also check channel #smxi for more factoids and information.

I will try to make this documentation reasonably complete for each component, but I'm sure I'll miss things as I go along, so the scripts themselves should always be considerd the final word in what they do.

General Information: smxi, sgfxi, svmi

These are things that should be of interest to most people who run smxi, sgfxi, and svmi.

rbxi: Setup and Configuration

rbxi is quite a bit more complicated to start using than the other scripts here, so it has a large readme page. This is the same page as the readme-rbxi.htm page contained in the download bzip package.

While I've tried to make this as readable as I can, there's a lot of information contained inside the readme, so some things will probably not be as clear as they should be.

If you can think of better, or more clear, ways of putting this information, please post your suggestions on the script forum thread.

Developer Information

This material is only for advanced testers, developers, and people who want to try hacking a bit on the scripts.

Make sure to get the latest working version from the script svns: smxi, sgfxi, svmi (and latest projects, inxi and rbxi). The copies there are the same as the currently live copies almost always, they are loaded at the same time as the scripts and lib files are loaded to the script server.